Membership Forms

This  membership form must be completed and returned to the school in order for you join FAWS (required by the Societies Act).

Or complete this online membership form.

FAWS Focus


Are you looking for ways to be involved at Wye School?  Did you know that our school has two volunteer parent groups?

FAWS (Fundraising Association for Wye School (FAWS) and WSC (Wye School Council)


The Fundraising Association for Wye School  (FAWS):

The FAWS main focus is to support and enhance student learning financially.  This group of volunteer parents is responsible for fundraising and distributing these funds in a responsible manner to the WSC and Wye School (ie. school agendas, classroom incentive funding, technology).

They coordinate volunteers for the fundraising initiatives (ie. hot lunch, casino, carnival).

  • All parents of enrolled students at Wye School can be members of the FAWS simply by completing the required Membership Form (as per the Societies Act).
  • The FAWS will communicate with its members by email, by posting information on the school website, and by contributing to the school newsletter
  • Any parent who attends meetings has the right to vote on any issues raised at meetings.
  • You do not have to volunteer for a position in order to be involved.  You may just want to attend meetings to be informed about what is happening with FAWS.
  • All meetings are held at the school in the new portable during the day, as this is when the fundraising activities take place.  The meeting dates will be posted on the school website and school calendar.

Fundraising associations are legally separate entities from the school.  They are regulated by the Societies Act and governed by Corporate Registries and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control (AGLC).  They are not mandatory for all schools but most schools have them.  This is because School Councils cannot incorporate and therefore cannot participate in gaming (casinos, raffles, bingos).  Fundraising associations must incorporate and are able to participate in these events as well as non-gaming fundraising activities.


Executive Members 2018-2019

Fundraising Association for Wye School (FAWS)

President Cindy Smith

Vice President Sherri Naslund Dawson

Treasurer Collen Adamic

Secretary Jennifer Archer


We welcome new members and volunteers! Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions, concerns, suggestions or ideas. We'd love to hear from you!