Counselling Services

 Wye Elementary welcomes Ms. Theresa DeRosier as our Student Counsellor .  She will be here a minimum of 2 days a week, commencing October19th, 2018.


The purpose of school counselling is to promote student growth and learning, and has these major facets: Academic Development and Personal/Social Development.

Services for Students:

 1.      Provide individual and group counselling services

 2.       Act as advocates for students

 3.      Assist students in their personal and social development skills

 4.      Encourage and promote tolerance, respect, integrity, honesty, courage, empathy and responsibility

 5.      Assist students with personal and academic goals

 6.      Coordinate support and access outside professionals for students at risk 


Services for Parents:

 1.      Act as mentors and supports for students and their families

 2.      Provide referrals to agencies in the community to best serve students and their families

 3.      Act as a liaison when students transition to junior high school

 4.      Collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators and students to ensure student and family success  

 5.      Consult with parents, administrators, teachers and community professionals


 For more information on school counseling services, or to make an appointment with school counsellor, please contact:

 Theresa DeRosier @ 780-467-7447