When playing at an online casino for real money, few people think about where the dealers are trained. After all, to become a real dealer a person needs to undergo specialized training. In Canada, there is Wye Gambling School, which teaches this prestigious profession. 

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What is Gambling?

Gambling (fr. jeu de hasard, literally “game of chance“) is a game in which the winning does not depend entirely or largely on the skill of the players but on chance. A game where winning depends largely on the skill of the players is not a game of chance, even though there are elements of chance, such as preference or poker. Usually, gambling is played for money. That is, the reward for winning is a material possession, whereas a loss is punishable by a material loss.

The word ‘gambling’ translates the French word hazard, which means ‘chance’. Thus, in European languages, gambling is so-called: games of chance. Gambling for money is a way of enrichment for some, but for others, it is just a means of getting rich quickly, which comes back in heavy losses. Sometimes gambling becomes an addiction from which it is very difficult to recover.

Online gambling has become more popular in recent years. Therefore, most gamblers prefer to gamble from home. 

About our School

Our gambling school is located in Canada, Alberta. We provide everyone with the opportunity to learn the casino dealer profession by providing innovative training programs, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional trainers.

Gambling School Wye

The main objective of casino schools in Canada is to provide students with all the necessary skills and knowledge to help them perform at their best in the top online casino real money and to be successful in this industry.

Today, to be the most effective employee, who is more productive than the rest, you need to improve your skills and knowledge constantly. Otherwise, an employee’s low informativeness will have a bad impact on his or her effectiveness, which could lead to dismissal or other penalties. That’s why our gambling school offers the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills in the new and ever-growing gambling industry.

Our gambling school offers refresher courses, face-to-face training, and initial training. Once you start your casino dealer training, you can be assured of a quality presentation, as our instructors constantly consult with leaders in the niche to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and high standards. All of the casino industry requirements have been taken into account during the preparation of these courses so that the graduate has all of the technical and current skills needed to work more productively and successfully in the casino online. 





1 year

Training duration

Upon completing our school, all students receive an internationally recognized certificate that entitles them to work as casino dealers in any gambling company.

What Games Can You Learn to Play?

In land-based and online casinos, there are games where you simply cannot play without a dealer. Therefore, we offer the following game learning options:

  1. Table Games. This type of game is a must for every online casino. So you have to learn the full range of table games: roulette, poker, blackjack baccarat. You’ll learn all the necessary techniques not only about the rules of these games but also how to interact with your audience, how to distribute winnings and chips, as well as other techniques that are needed to work in a casino. The duration of the training is 14 weeks.
  2. Poker Games. The course is designed for one of the most popular games of casino poker. The course introduces you to poker games such as Texas Hold’Em and Omaha poker. Upon completion of this course, you will work in any major casino or poker room. You will be able to easily resolve any dispute between players as well as smooth out any negative situation. The duration of the training is 5 weeks.
  3. Roulette Games. The most popular casino game. Here students are taught how to behave at the table, how to handle the equipment, how to accept bets, how to count payouts to players, as well as all the betting variations in this game. The duration of the training is 5 weeks.
  4. Craps Games. This course is suitable for students who already know the basic concepts of dealer-player interaction in an online casino. It is also suitable for those who know how to handle the equipment. A large number of practical sessions will help the student to get a good feel for the game, calculate payout and betting odds, and keep calculations. The duration of the training is 6 weeks.

How to Become a Casino Dealer?

We will try to answer briefly: you need to be an adult Canadian citizen, enroll in our gambling school, pay the tuition fee and complete it. After that, you will be able to work in the best online casinos and land-based casinos around Canada, possessing the most advanced casino dealer skills. 


How old do you have to be to gamble?

The minimum age for players under Canadian law must be at least 19 years old.

How to make money gambling?

The options are many. You can learn to gamble professionally, become a casino dealer or resort to less honest ways (the latter we do not recommend).

Do you only work in the Alberta region?

For the moment, yes. We only have a school in the Alberta Region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality training for a prestigious profession that will change many people’s lives. As for guarantees, we do not help with employment. However, our staff contacts casino managers in Canada and arranges interviews for our graduates.