Hot Lunch Program

2017/2018 Hot Lunch Program at Wye School

Welcome back and Happy 2018!

We are now in our second session of ordering for the Hot Lunch Program. Once again, you will have the option to order hot lunch for your child/children. This session of hot lunches will run from February until June 2018 with some “newbie” vendors on board!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you ordered in the first session of the Hot Lunch Program in Sept 2017, you continue to use the same User ID and Password for this second session. Only if you did not take part in Sept 2017 in the Hot Lunch Program do you need to register creating a User ID and Password.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We can be reached at

You must place your order using the on-line system. You can order, pay and volunteer all on onesite!!! Each year, the system is reset so you will need to set up your account even if you had one set up last year. You can find detailed instructions for how to set up an account and order at the bottom of this letter.


Thank you so much to the volunteers who come to help hand out the hot lunches. If you can show up for 30 minutes (or less) from 11:15 to 11:45 on hot lunch day, your presence would be greatly appreciated. Please, if you wish to volunteer you must check off the “Volunteer Box” option on-line. In order for the Hot Lunch program to continue running successfully, as it has in the past, we rely on you the volunteers. Experienced volunteers and newbies are welcome! Especially with the younger grades, it helps to have one volunteer to read the list and one volunteer to hand out the food. You are also welcome to order food for yourself and your little ones if you would like. Due to work schedules, you may not know your availability right away. You will have the opportunity to volunteer on-line up until the week BEFORE each hot lunch date. You may email us as well the day before the lunch. Same goes if you are unable to volunteer. We kindly ask you notify us as soon as you know you are unable to be there.

Absent Students

If your child is absent from school on hot lunch day, we are unable to provide refunds or credits because we have to pay for the food upfront. Please notify by 10:00am the day of hot lunch if you would like to pick up the lunch or if you would like us to leave it in the parent room fridge. Food will not be stored at the school. If the bag has not been picked up by the end of the day, it will be thrown in the garbage.

Leftover Lunches

If you wish your child to bring home leftovers from a hot lunch meal please provide your child, on the day of, with the appropriate container or bag for them to place it in.


Once you have set up your account with an email address, we will contact you via email to remind you of your orders for the upcoming lunch date and to remind you if you have volunteered. Payment is due at the time of ordering your child(ren)’s lunch. You can access the hot lunch website through the link on the parent section of the school website You can contact us by e-mail at or by sending a note to school with your child marked “hot lunch program”. We are now in our second session of ordering hot foods for January 2018.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be mindful of the deadline date for ordering your child/children’s hot lunch as late orders CANNOT be accepted.

Kindergarten Parents: Please ensure your child will be attending school on the hot lunch days BEFORE ordering as we CANNOT refund your payment.

How to Register

  • You can register your child on-line by visiting, Select “Register”.
  • Enter the school access code, which is WYEHL (all capital letters), and then fill out the remaining information. Please use your firstname.lastname (for example Jane Smith would be jane.smith as your “Preferred User ID”
  • On the welcome page, select “students”. You will then be prompted to enter your child(ren)’s name(s). Please correctly enter the classroom of each of your children, as this is how we know where to deliver your child’s lunch.

Placing an Order and Paying

  • Login with your user ID and password.
  • Select the “order” tab on top and choose “student orders”. This will bring up any student attached to your profile.
  • Select “order form” and choose from the menu. Please double check that all your selections have been accepted.
  • Select “place order and proceed”. If you need to order for another student select that student’s order tab.
  • Once your order is complete, please pay on-line by selecting the “pay” tab or write a cheque for the account balance payable to “FAWS”(not Wye School) and send it to school with your child.
  • Please do not print out a remittance form but please put your child’s NAME, CLASS and “HOT LUNCH” on the cheque so that we can better process who has paid. Please send just the cheque in your child’s agenda pouch. Please do not send cash if possible.


We thank you, in advance, for supporting this fun initiative for our students.